Industrial boiler manufacturer

YLW series of horizontal, coal-fired, chain grate, thermal oil boiler (also called hot oil boiler, thermal fluid boiler) are used in many industrial applications where efficiency and accurate temperature control between 100-300℃ are required. They work in the way of heating directly thermal fluid in the pipes with the high temperature smoke. With the help of forced circulation oil pumps, the fluid with high temperature goes into the heat-required equipments, like dryer, and then comes back to the boiler and is re-heated again.

WNS steam boiler,gas/oil-fired,3-pass and wet-back are designed to avoid the damage of back tube sheet from the high temperature smoke. Compact desegn Threaded firetube and corrugated furnace are used to increase the heating area. That allows over 30% of the energy to be absorbed in the furnace. This means a shorter boiler overall. Definitely, it can save your boiler room construction costs.

SZS hot water boiler, gas/oil-fired, longitudinal 2-drum, D-type chamber combustion structure. The furnace is on right side and the convection bank tube is on left side. The body is fixed on the body chassis by flexible supports in the middle and two ends of the lower drum, and it can secure to let the whole boiler body to expand sideways. Surround furnace there are narrow space membrane cooling tube wall. It is totally sealed and separated between the membrane wall on furnace left side and the convection bank tube.